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rhianna king creative

Rhianna King Creative is a Melbourne-based graphic design and strategic communications boutique.

With more than 20 years of publishing and communications experience for government organisations, private businesses and not-for-profit organisations, I provide a one-stop-shop for individuals and businesses who want to talk their walk and put their very best face forward. I have a range of packages available or will happily tailor a plan to fit you and your business perfectly.

"My mission is to craft creative and functional designs that build and support brands, while connecting, engaging and inspiring users."


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I have had the opportunity to work with a number of amazing clients on a range of fantastic projects. I developed the visual brand for a nationally distributed magazine, Inspired; designed a 298-page, full-colour book for the Kimberley society; completed artwork for an Every Woman Expo display booth, which included bespoke illustrations; type-set and prepared cover artwork for a novel and poetry book; prepared wedding and special event stationery packages; and have developed branding and marketing packages for a number of clients.

Here are some of my favourite projects ...



For the past 17 years I have held a number of positions with the Department of Parks and Wildlife and its predecessors and have specialised in strategic communications. This is involved me planning, coordinating and executing public information campaigns, writing for and editing a range of digital and printed publications including LANDSCOPE magazine and compiling and project managing complex documents such as annual reports and award submissions.


Here is a selection of some of my writing...

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look what i've got to offer ...

I marry my experience in strategic planning and communications with my work as a graphic designer to offer a one-stop-shop for clients who are looking for someone to help them:

  • plan and/or audit their communications material

  • build their brand identity

  • develop communications collateral

  • design a range of printed and digital publications,

  • develop material for websites and social media, or

  • develop stationery for special events and weddings.

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Put your best look forward.
I can help present your company in the best light with creative and functional designs that engage your audience and define your business. I can create a range of design solutions from scratch (including logos) or fit in with your existing design style.

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Stuck for words?
With extensive experience in writing for a range of publication types and audiences (including technical writing and editing), I can marry my gift of the gap with your business to effectively and eloquently communicate your key messages.

I'd be thrilled to tailor a package to suit your individual needs. Please get in touch so we can discuss what would best suit you.

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hear what people are saying about me ...

"Rhianna is an absolute gem and I am a raving fan. She has the ability to understand my vague instructions and transform them into works of art that I fall in love with – every time. I never fail to be impressed with how professional, stylish and stunning Rhianna makes her designs, whether it's my company logo, media kit or booking forms or, most importantly, developing the complete concept and design of an entire quality print magazine, Inspired. She’s not only an extremely talented designer but an absolute pleasure to work with. I cannnot recommend her highly enough and feel blessed to have her design prowess on Inspired Magazine."


"Since 2002 I have work closely with Rhianna King in her role as publications manager, writer and editor. Her career in pubications has given her the skills and knowledge to naturally transition into a graphic designer. She has a flair for design and a finesse for typography. She is a true asset to our department and a brilliant addition to any team. Rhianna’s hard work, dedication and self motivation are qualities which ensure that she will succeed within her new chosen career of Graphic Design."


"Rhianna King is a rare and treasured all-rounder – talented and highly experienced as a writer and editor, while also boasting strong graphic design knowledge and skills. I have worked with Rhianna in writing, editing and publishing roles across more than 10 years, and she demonstrates both a flair for the pen and excellent project management skills. She has been contributing author and coordinating editor of the quarterly nature conservation magazine LANDSCOPE for many years, a position that requires a sound understanding of the publishing process and the principles of good graphic design.

Rhianna also completed all graphic design work for the 70-page Inspired magazine.  This included designing 10 long feature articles and a range of advertisements. As the magazine’s final proof reader, I became very familiar with her design skill, and her attention to detail.


Rhianna’s various roles and talents have enabled her to develop multiple complementary skill sets. She’s also a delight to work with – organised, friendly and easy to communicate with. I look forward to working with Rhianna on future projects, and highly recommend her to others seeking a professional and skilled writer, editor and graphic designer. "


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